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Corporate Profile

Magic Technology Corporation, a manufacturer of high performance electron module and device, was founded in 1995, became a worldwide module products supply and design company in 2001. Magic Technology products include automotive electronics, automotive security devices, military surge protector, multi-power oring selector, solid-state relay, solid-state power controller, and DC/DC converters. Applications for Magic Technology's high performance circuits include automotive electronics devices, factory automation, military and space systems.


Magic's Unique Value to Customers
At Magic, we believe that our people are not only our greatest asset, but also a great asset for our customers. Our employees relish the opportunity to delve into and solve challenging technical problems, and our customers rely on Magic's exceptional engineering talent as they design and produce their own products. Magic's engineers continually push the technological edge, adding to and supporting our diverse product portfolio to meet our customers' broad spectrum of high-performance signal processing needs. We also innovate to reduce our customers' overall system costs. We define innovation as a solution that helps make our customers' products successful. We commit a significant percent of our profits to engineering and customer service, to foster the development of signal processing technology our customers can use to design products that stand out against competitors', with features that enhance the user experience. The value customers place on our signal processing innovations is represented in the high profits Magic earns. These profits are reinvested into engineering and customer service, allowing the cycle of innovation to continue.

Magic Technology,INC.
Corporate Headquarters
Bolt street 11 Jonkoping, Sweden


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