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DC Filter&Surge Protector Series
Single Input DC Filter&Surge Protector
MFS281M-3 8-40V 3A PCB Assembly
MFS281M-6 8-40V 6A PCB Assembly
MFS281M-3C 8-40V 3A CASE Assembly
MFS281M-6C 8-40V 6A CASE Assembly
Surge Protector Series
Single Input Surge Protector
INH281M-05 8-40V 0.5ASurge Protector
INH281M-1 8-40V 1ASurge Protector
INH281M-2 8-40V 2ASurge Protector
INH281M-3 8-40V 3ASurge Protector
INH281M-3P 8-40V 3ASurge Protector
INH281M-5 8-40V 5ASurge Protector
INH281M-10 8-40V 10ASurge Protector
Dual-Inputs Surge Protector
INH282M-2 8-40V 2ADual-Inputs Surge Protector
INH282M-3 8-40V 3ADual-Inputs Surge Protector
INH282M-5 8-40V 5ADual-Inputs Surge Protector
INH282M-10 8-40V 10ADual-Inputs Surge Protector
Solid State Power Controller(SSPC)
DC Solid State Power Controller(SSPC)
MDSPC28M-10 28V 10A SSPC
MDSPC28M-20 28V 20A SSPC
MDSPC28M-40 28V 40A SSPC
MDSPC270M-5 270V 5A SSPC
MDSPC270M-10 270V 10A SSPC
MDSPC270M-15 270V 15A SSPC
AC Solid State Power Controller(SSPC)
MASPC115M-5 115V 5A SSPC
MASPC115M-8 115V 8A SSPC
MASPC220M-5 220V 5A SSPC
MASPC220M-8 220V 8A SSPC
Solid State Relay(SSR)
MDSR282M-5 28V 5A SSR
MDSR28M-2 28V 2A SSR
MDSR28M-3 28V 3A SSR
MDSR28M-5 28V 5A SSR
MDSR28M-10 28V 10A SSR
MDSR28M-20 28V 20A SSR
MDSR28M-50 28V 50A SSR
MDSR270M-3 270V 3A SSR
MDSR270M-5 270V 5A SSR
MDSR270M-10 270V 10A SSR
MASR115M-5 115V 5A SSR
MASR115M-10 115V 10A SSR
MASR220M-5 220V 5A SSR
MASR220M-10 220V 10A SSR
PCB Assembly 16mmX26mmX9mm
PCB Assembly 21mmX21mmX9mm
PCB Assembly 27.4mmX30mmX9mm
Multi-power ORing Selector Series
Solid State Power Controller(SSPC)(MDSPC28M-10)
MDSPC28M Series of Solid-State Power Controllers (SSPCs) are TTL-controlled power switches with programmable trip characteristics which can completely replace the traditional 3A ~ 20A mechanical circuit breakers.
MDSPC28M Series of SSPCs utilize advanced remote control technology, provide low on-resistance and short-circuit and overload protection. SSPC is turned on or off via the communication bus, SSPC can also feedback BIT information and load status. SSPC`s adoption reduces the number of devices, as well as weight and cost of the distribution system. SSPC has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, ships, armored vehicles and other DC power distribution system.
PartNum Vin CtlVin   Iout    
MDSPC28M-10 28V 5V   10A    
  • 27.4mm¡Á30mm¡Á18mm Super Small Volume, Low Power Dissipation, High-Reliability, 10-8failure probability and PCB Assembly
  • 2% voltage, current sampling accuracy error
  • 30mA@5VDC low bias current
  • 1500VDC control and power output isolation voltage tolerance
  • Optically isolated control status circuitry
  • 12.5m¦¸ low on-resistance
  • Low Leakage Current, the Full Operating Temperature Range: ¡Ü5¦ÌA
  • Soft-switching technology to reduce electromagnetic interference
  • Three alternative isolated control bus (SCI/SPI/I2C), for remote control
  • State feedback of the voltage, current, short circuit, overload, switches, etc.
  • Short-Circuit Protection¡ªInstant Trip Protection to 1000% of Rating
  • I2t Protection¡ªPin-Programmable from 80% to180% of Rating
  • Configurable rated current¡ªminimum programmable to 20% of the rated value
  • Internal temperature monitoring and thermal protection capabilities
  • Override and trip indication
  • A wide range of adaptability to load - suitable for resistive, capacitive, inductive and nonlinear loads
  • Transients and Spikes per Mil-STD-704A
  • Weight: 40g
    Bias Supply Voltage (VBIAS)¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­-0.3V¡«+7V
    OVERRIDE Input Voltage¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­-0.3V¡«+32V£¨80V/100ms£©
    VLINE Continuous Input Voltage ¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­100VDC
    Altitude ¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­20000m
    Operating Temperature Range ¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­.I£º-40¡æ¡«+85¡æ
    Storage Temperature Range ¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­.-65¡æ¡«+125¡æ
    MTBF ¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­1.1MHr@25¡æ Full Load
    Lead Temperature (Soldering, 3 s) ¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­¡­.250¡æ
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    Please contact your sales representative or the Magic Inc. Sales Department for more information concerning additional environmental screening and testing, different input voltage, output voltage, power requirement, source inspection, and/or special element evaluation for space or other higher quality applications.
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